Java Technologist/Architect










There are many positions, welcome to communicate. Java junior, senior, expert, architect, person in charge and other positions at all levels and various businesses have recruitment needs. The following are some examples:

[Java Development Engineer - [User Growth]]

job description

1. Undertake the research and development of key high-concurrency distributed systems, and build a first-class user growth engine, covering user growth, placement optimization, programmatic buying, user sharing and dissemination;

2. Participate in the design of system technical solutions, core code development and system tuning, including high-performance back-end engines, mass data storage and streaming, user data centers, and complex business back-end modules;

3. Participate in various forward-looking projects such as innovation and optimization, special technology research, and new technology introduction.

job requirements

1. Bachelor degree or above in computer or related major, with more than 1 year of experience in large-scale web application development and architecture;

2. Familiar with Linux development environment, proficient in Java and object-oriented design and development;

3. Familiar with the design and development of large-scale distributed, high-concurrency, high-availability systems;

4. Have excellent logical thinking ability, be enthusiastic about solving challenging problems; have strong self-motivation and thirst for knowledge, and be curious about new things;

5. Experience in user growth, user automatic operation, delivery optimization, and programmatic buying experience is preferred;

6. Have used Facebook, Google, Baidu, Tencent and other advertising platforms, and have experience in placement optimization is preferred.


[Senior Java Developer (Server) - [Main App]]

job description

We are a group of back-end engineers who have the ultimate pursuit of technology. We are responsible for building company-level business platforms and business middle platforms, and are committed to improving the efficiency of all business development.

As the main R&D team of the company's Spring Festival and other large-scale events, joining us will have the opportunity to participate in the challenge of high-concurrency projects with millions of QPS.

1. Participate in the development of Kuaishou's core product requirements, in-depth exploration and analysis of business requirements, writing technical solutions and system design, and related code development;

2. Accept the challenges of high concurrency and massive data, analyze and discover the optimization points of the system, and be responsible for promoting the performance and availability of the system;

3. Accept the challenges of the design and implementation complexity of the middle platform/platform system, analyze and discover the optimization points of the system, and be responsible for promoting the rationality, reliability and availability of the system;

4. Introduce innovative technologies and innovative solutions to the team, and solve problems with innovative ideas.

job requirements

1. More than three years of Java development experience, with solid basic computer knowledge and programming skills;

2. Proficient in multi-threaded programming, familiar with JVM, familiar with common open source distributed middleware, cache, message queue, etc., familiar with MySQL, and familiar with DevOps under Linux;

3. Familiar with object-oriented design, have certain system architecture design ability;

4. Love technology, have almost strict requirements on code quality and development specifications, and be good at communication and teamwork;

5. Experience in large-scale distributed, high-concurrency, high-load, high-availability system design and stability is preferred.